Work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the themed room in 60 minutes or less.

Live Action Escape Games

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Quest for the Throne

FUN and CHALLENGING High Quality games:

"Refreshingly Unique Experience ... Outside the Box!"

Linda P, Shelby Twp

Storyline: You’re a gang of disorderly outlaws, and you’ve all been caught by the Sheriff. The Jailer is sleeping, and now is your chance to escape. Hurry, you only have 60 minutes to escape.

"Soooo much fun! Can't wait to go again! I think I'm addicted to this now!"

John W, Facebook review

Storyline: You are brave firefighters showing up for work like any other day. This dispatch is not just any call, this is the call that firefighters will talk about for years to come.

Linda P, Facebook review

"Refreshingly Unique Experience ... Outside the Box!"

Storyline: Determined to restore the kingdom to it's once prosperous state, you must reclaim your position as rightful heir by finding proof of your identity. You and a small group of allies have 60 minutes to find your proof, and escape undetected before the King returns.

"Great challenge. Great fun. Everyone should get out and try it."

Jarod D, Facebook review

Storyline: The town's Mayor is gravely ill after sipping his favorite drink at Mickey B's Malt Shop. The waitress is being questioned, but she's shocked about what happened too! She's asked for your help to clear her name. Can you find evidence to prove Lucy's innocence, and determine the cause of the Mayor's sudden illness so he can be saved? 

925 N Lapeer Rd Suite #246, Oxford, MI 48371

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What is an escape game?

An Escape Room is a LIVE ACTION game for you and your friends! You will have 60 minutes to find clues, collect information, solve puzzles, and complete your challenge. Your goal is to solve a mystery or complete a final task before your time runs out! All of our rooms are fully themed so you feel like you’re in another place.

More about us

Ideal Escape Rooms is owned by me (Jennifer) and my brothers (Kevin and Jeremy). I’m a certified secondary mathematics teacher with a passion for puzzles, logic games, brain teasers, and challenges. I taught in Oxford Schools ... read more about us